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Fiscal Calendar May 2024

Check the main tax obligations for the month of May.

IRS/IRC/VATUntil 6thSubmission of SAF-T Invoicing file
IRS/IRC/SSUntil 10thSubmission of Monthly Remuneration Statement AT/SS
VATUntil 20thSubmission of periodic VAT declaration – monthly regime
VATUntil 20thSubmission of periodic VAT declaration – quarterly regime
VATUntil 20thSubmission of recapitulative declaration – monthly and quarterly regime
Social Security Until 20thPayment of contributions for the previous month
IRS/IRCUntil 20thPayment of withholding tax for IRS/IRC
SDUntil 20thSubmission of monthly declaration and payment of Stamp Duty
Bank of PortugalUntil 22thCommunication
of operations and positions with abroad

until 27thPayment of VAT Monthly and Quarterly Regime
IUCUntil 31stPayment applicable to vehicles registered in May
IRS/IRCUntil 31stSending of Declaration Modelo 30
IMIUntil 31stPayment of Property Tax
Over €100 and under €500
and over €500
IRCUntil 31st
(Deadline extended to July 15th)
Submission of Model 22 Declaration